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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we are back now with more of "today" on wednesday morning. it is january 13th, 2010. massive 7.0 earthquake struck about ten miles from downtown port-au-prince, the capital of that nation. it struck on tuesday afternoo the strongest quake to hit the region in 200 years. reports that thousands of buildings are lying in ruins and putting the national palace, thousands of people trapped under rubble. many are feared dead. we are going to have the very late nest a live report from haiti in just a couple of minutes. inside studio 1-a in new york, i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales.
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ann and al are headed to haiti. money 911. >> that's right. we are going to answer all of their questions from what debt to pay off first to whether checking your credit actually lowers your score and we are also going to tell you about someone we spoke to last week who took the advice of our team and ran with it. she was having trouble paying her loans and listened to the experts and called her lender and let's just say we hear she's very happy. we will hear directly from her. >> would we have caught up with her if she wasn't so happy? >> speaking of somebody who is not so happy perhaps conan o'brien. "the tonight show" host balked at the idea of sliding his show to 12:05 to accommodate jay leno's move back to 11:35. is he on his way out? will he be leaving? we will have the latest on the late-night shuffle coming up. >> before we get that, you have a check of the headlines. in the news, we were telling you about, massive humanitarian disaster sun folding in haiti. devastated tuesday by that
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massive 7.0 earthquake. thousands are feared dead. nbc's michelle kosinski is in the little haiti neighborhood with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. a level of panic here as well. families cannot reach their loved ones in haiti. they are hearing the staggering reports coming out. thousands of buildings destroyed. thousands of people in the streets. and as many feared dead. the first pictures coming out of port-au-prince are of the grimly expected. devastation and the instantly evident damage is both structural and human. victims lie in the streets with the rubble. some are attended to. for others, it was too late. buildings are down in the capital and beyond. there are fires. this was the presidential palace. heavily damaged now. the president and his wife are reportedly fine. elsewhere, the loss of life is
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unknown. and thought to be severe. in this video posted on the internet, terrified young woman looks down from her hillside home at rising clouds of dust. she is okay. the epicenter ten miles west of port-au-prince. the city of around 2 million people. then there were the aftershocks. more than a dozen, some stronger than magnitude 5. new york based nurse marie caramel michelle in haiti attending a funeral spoke to nbc news by phone. >> it shook like a leaf. there's no other way of describing it. i heard people screaming. fatalities all over the place. >> reporter: there have been reports of a hospital collapse with people trapped. the muchlt headquarters is heavily damaged and hillside towns fallen. among those caught in buildings, two americans. one of them gilian thorpe, a missionary who called her family to say she was trapped.
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her legs crushed. rescuers pulled survivors to safety and citizens cried and prayed on the still trembling streets. it was the worst quake here in 200 years. >> we expect to see a lot of damage. we expect there to be a lot of casualties. the quality of the buildings are going to be a big part of that. >> reporter: as rescue teams mobilize from around the globe, the u.s. is pledging its full support. >> we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered. their families and their loved ones. >> reporter: some people who were able to get a cell phone signal out of haiti last night despite hearing the screams of people trapped inside buildings, but also the cheers of rescuers able to pull some victims out alive. natalie? >> such a horrific situation, obviously. every rescue we will be hearing
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about the next couple of days. michelle kosinski, thanks so much. in miami. as michelle mentioned, american missionary gilian thorpe was trapped in the rubble of one building. her husband, frank thorpe, helped rescue her. matt spoke with him earlier on "today" about what he is seeing in port-au-prince. >> reporter: it is worse than a war zone. thousands and thousands of haitians on the streets because their buildings and houses collapsed and they can't live in them. we have been woken up throughout the night with -- by women who were screaming because they found others in the rubble. every other building collapsed. it is a horrible scene, matt. >> when you got to the building where gilian was the building you described as having collapsed, can you tell me how you got to her, how you found her? >> we were really lucky because there's a staff that works here, haitian staff. they had already started to -- dug a hole through the con kreel
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ceiling of this house where they were caught. and we went in and i pulled her out. it took house -- it took them hours and hours. she was in there for ten hours. and it took them hours to get her out. it was such a relief to get her out. it was an extremely emotional time. >> that was frank thorpe talking about the conditions he saw there in port-au-prince. the international red cross says up to 3 million people may have been affected by the earthquake in haiti. a former truck rental company employee is in custody charged with opening fire tuesday at a business in kennesaw, georgia. two people were killed and three others were wounded. another big chain joined walmart in pulling children's jewelry that might contain high levels of cadmium off of shelves. members of congress want hearings on the use of the known carcinogen in jewelry. six minutes past the hour. >> natalie, thank you very much.
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we want to get a check of the weather now. al is, as i mentioned, on his way to natalie. chris cimino is filling in. >> we have what's left of our crowd. the brave, the few hanging out here. about a year ago around this time, what's your name? >> jennifer. >> you are going to do the same thing did you last year. that's what? >> we are going on a cruise for ten days. >> cold in the northeast. good news over the next several days, okay, yeah, you heard me, we expect to see mild air work its way through the country. down south, that's our concern. it is going to be sunny the next couple of days. the search and rescue missions in haiti. it will be quite hot. temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. probably for all of the rescue workers, dehydration will become an issue with the power outage as well. water will be needed down there. that's for sure. rest of country, stormy in the west coast. mainly up against the coast of heavier rain from northern california towards washington. lighter amounts further south
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and snow across the >> good morning. the weather should be quiet on this wednesday. we will make it up to close to 40 degrees this afternoon, with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. i don't chris, thank you. to the latest in the late-night shuffle. on tuesday, conan o'brien said no thanks to nbc's attempt to move "the tonight show" back half an hour to 12:05 to accommodate jay leno's move. o'brien, who had only been at the helm of "the tonight show" for seven months says he was never given a chance to build up ratings.
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he said he's absurdly lucky to have gotten paid for what he loves to do. what's next for the comedian? nbc and late night tv, senior editor for "people" magazine. good morning, kate. let's start off with the letter conan wrote yesterday which he addressed to the people of the earth and had to insert humor there given the situation. he writes that shifting "the tonight show" to 12:05 would seriously damage what i consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. that "the tonight show" at 12:05 simply isn't "the tonight show." i cannot participate in what i honestly believe is its destruction. so this is a franchise. he clearly believes in. he dreamt about being -- albeit made a joke out of it as well. he's showing up for work and hasn't said he's leaving outright. right? >> correct. he's funny in places. it is very emotional. yet, still very calm and reasoned. but he's making himself very
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clear. the franchise of "the tonight show," the legendary franchise that is "the tonight show" does not begin at 12:05. it doesn't begin the next day. it begins after the late local news. >> does he leave any room for negotiations here? or does it sound to you that it is all but a done deal? >> i think he has hope that it is not a done deal. he doesn't say good-bye. he doesn't say that he's leaving. he actually says that he hopes that he can work with nbc and that a quick resolution will be found. >> makes for an awkward situation when you are still showing up to do your show until something is resolved. >> absolutely. you know, he's a professional. you know, i think that he would lose a lot of the sympathy he currently has if he suddenly stopped showing up, you know. >> sympathy and money because he would be in breach of his contract. what are his options if he leaves nbc? he said also in that letter that he is not negotiating right now and he doesn't have another position lined up as of yet. >> i don't think he can be negotiating right now. he's still under that contract
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as you mentioned. so his options right now are probably severely limited until legal issues are worked out and contract issues are worked out. it is not as though, you know, he can just start fielding offers from other networks. he has to sort out what's going on with nbc before he can even entertain the thought of going anywhere else there are a lot of rumors that fox is still interested in him, as they were five years ago. so is there a possibility -- >> fox want ad late night property for a long time. it is the one thing that sets them apart from the other networks. they don't have late night programming after their late local news. this is clearly something that they will be deeply interested in. >> right. one of the things he also talked about in the letter was he didn't really have time to build the ratings. seven months wasn't enough time. but to that, i mean, did he also -- he also lost some of leno's audience. was that because of conan? because of the show? or is that because of leno's prime time experiment that sort of backfired and didn't work? >> well, you can look at it as having several different
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factors. in a way, a trickle-down effect. what you are hearing, the reason for leno's move now is because the affiliates are complaining because of leno's ratings. if it is a domino effect and you have leno not doing well, then the late local news not doing well, guess what's not going to do well after that? the show to follow. >> lot of support on the blogosphere, team conan. and then there is a question of what it does to jay. will there be a backlash against him as well? he appearing to be the guy that doesn't want to go perhaps. >> it is clear that there's not a ton of sympathy for jay right now. by the same token, this was the guy who ruled late night for 17 years. if this turns out that jay is back at 11:35 as the host of "the tonight show" there may be some tarnished reputation for a while but he will probably return to where he was. >> all right. kate coyne from "people" magazine, thanks so much. still coming up, the little car with a little price tag that could be a big hit.
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you are not going to believe how much it costs. up next, money 911 from paying off student loans, credit card changes. our team is here to help you out after this.
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♪ it is wednesday. it is time for "today's money 911" where our money experts help. david balk is a personal finance expert and carmen wong ulrich is cnbc's personal finance correspondent. good morning to all of. >> did you good morning. >> we should mention before we get to a new question we actually have a followup on a viewer who called in last week. she was having probably with her sallie mae student loan. she graduated from cole negligent 2005 and borrowed $46,000 and paying it back on the income sensitive plan. her debt kept growing. now she owes more than $150,000. this is what our panel told her. >> you are going have to work with you. because at your income level now, there's simply no way. $50,000 a year, that you can pay those loans back if you have a high rate. >> if they want me to pay starting on april $1,200 a month i cannot do that. >> right. you have to will he them know you simply can't and you are
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going to have to be persistent and stay on the phone and let them know you want to pay something. just can't pay this. >> we actually have tina on the phone this morning. good morning, tina. make sure she is there. tina, are you with us? she may mott be with us. she's watching on television. there's news for her. >> there is news. it is actually very good news. >> yes, i am. >> welcome, tina. sallie mae -- tina had 20 different student loans. totaling $163,000. when you roll them all together. sallie mae was on the phone to us, i should say, as soon as we were on the phone to them. is able to put tina on an income-based repayment plan. rather than the $1,200, tina, you thought you were going to have to pay every single month, you will have to pay them $267 a
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month. now, this was a program that just came out in july of last year. it is a new option for a lot of people. so if people feel like they have been told they can't find lower payments, this is something that they want to look into. tina, 25 years from now, if have you continued to make your payments on a steady, steady basis, you will still have debt but it will go away. the -- the loan to the tune of about $100,000 at that point will be written off and pay taxes on it. but this is a really fabulous solution for you. >> yes, it is great. >> yea. >> i think the moral here is in today's world, none of us are invisible. you watch the "today" show for free and send an e-mail in. we told to you fight for your money. if they were watching -- when you go online, the companies pay attention. the key is -- fight for your money. you know, write the letter.
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make a phone call. >> sallie mae did not do anything here for tina that they would not have done otherwise. this was -- they didn't break any rules. it is other people are sitting out there and they want to look at income based repayment they can do that as well. >> stun loans the thing about -- what teen's situation is, we are seeing more and more college students. i wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for student loans. you have to be really careful. her loans grew to more than $100,000. you have to make sure that you stick with several loans, don't take out too much. this is not -- you can't get rid of this in bankruptcy student loans. be very, very careful about what kind of loans you take. >> we have a new viewer e-mail. this one comes from new york. will writes what will the changes in the law regarding credit cards mean to consumers? david, what about changes affecting credit card laws? >> to answer his question, it is outrageous rates. so you can call this new credit
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card act common sense act that will go into effect in february. the answer is 24% rates are going to continue. there's a lot of things that are going to become what i say more fair. for example, you are going to be -- they are going to have to give us 45 days notice before they raise those rates. you are actually going to have to read the fine print on all of the mail coming. now, most of the credit card companies have been sending thus mail that have all kind of legalese in it warning us of the rates. the other thing they are doing is they have to, come february, 21 days to pay your bill, from the point you receive your bill. that's good. there's a whole lot of things more transparent. lot of crazy stuff like the universal default law. they changed that and minimized it so they can't just scan all your bills and then raise your rates. the thing you need to know, it is amazing, we are actually seeing on -- a new subprime card out there now. when you look at the special fees in addition to interest, the rate is as high as 79% on a $500 credit card. where they are going to get us now is in all kinds of
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additional fees. you need to read the small print. >> be very careful. you need tools know if they raised your interest rates, you do have the opportunity to opt out. cancel the card and pay it off over five years. >> a question on skype. heather from ft. atkins. what's your question, heather? >> caller: hi. my husband has been serving in iraq the last six months. we are halfway through his deployment. i have been able to save $13,000 so far. this is the first and only time we will be able to save this much money in a short period of time. we oval $12,000 on our car. we are completely upside down in the loan. we need to get rid of the vehicle within the next couple of months and buy a different vehicle. we will be looking into buying a house within the next two to three years. everything that we have saved has been inthe ended for a down payment for a house in the future. it is going to be harder to put much money into savings after my husband comes home from deployment. would it be better in the long run to not touch our savings and put away as much as possible for a down payment on a house?
9:22 am
or do you use use that money to pay down our car loans and closer to even when we go to buy a different vehicle? >> no, you definitely want to stick to putting away that savings. not just for the down payment but like you said, he's deployed now and making a certain amount of money. when he gets back that will get scaled back. you need to have emergency cash savings first. separate from the down payment on the home. okay. don't go too crazy about the car loan. i know you are upside down and makes you nervous. don't forget, unlike a credit card, where you don't -- you cancel what you bought with the card. you can sell the car. you still will owe money, you do have collateral against the loan. the first priority, emergency savings. next priority is to make sure you save for that down payment and just do not buy too much car so you are not under water. really downsize or downscale on the next car so you are not so underwatt other the car loan. >> all right. heather, thanks so much. carmen wong ulrich and david batch, thank you as always for your great advice. if you have financial questions go to and we will
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try to help you next week. still to come, room makeovers that will please your eyes as well as your wallets. we will show you ideas that will make a big statement. first, these messages.
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a new mini car that gets 50 miles to the gallon and co-s less than $3,000. >> our favorite family italian cook.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is a look at some of our top stories. baltimore city police say they have a person of interest in custody in connection with a shooting outside of baltimore high school. the shots were fired just after 6:00 the the last nine. a 19-year-old man was ordered by the gunfire, but is expected to survive. -- was wounded by the gunfire, but is expected to survive. it is unclear what prompted the shooting.
9:27 am
maryland it has some worst traffic in the nation but its highest rank among the safest. it is among the top four states and the nation. maryland passed a ban on text messaging and past 11.5 of the 15 sick because it supports, covering everything from basic seat belt laws to drug driving legislation. washington, d.c., rex first, with new jersey and illinois it close behind. south dakota is last. local lawmakers are looking to cut off some state unemployment benefits. republican leaders are backing a measure to repeal last year's efforts to extend unemployment benefits to part-time workers one says that the plot keeps businesses from hiring new workers. republican leaders says that the proposal has run support. -- has broad support.
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>> things should be pretty quiet today. there could even be some snow flurries are around the maryland state lines. for most of us, it will be a mix of sunshine and clouds. temperatures will be on the chilly side, but nothing unusual for the middle of january. upper 30's and low 40's. a little bit of a warm-up others day and friday. 46 on thursday. 50 on friday. it will be a cold rain moving late in the day on sunday. >> we will have another update at [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. this is your last chance to get $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months when you switch to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a one-year agreement. with fios tv, you get an amazing hd picture along with internet service that's fiber-optic fast. both were ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power and associates.
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♪ she's not bleeding love anymore. british pop sensation leona lewis is happy. that's the title of her latest single. she will be here for a live performance tomorrow on "today." i can't wait. she's absolutely amazing. huge talent. >> huge voice, too. >> huge voice. and gorgeous. >> she can hit the high notes. >> not to mention. coming up in this half hour, when it comes to cars of the future, you may want to start thinking small. right? >> right. how would you like to pay $2,500
9:31 am
for a brand-new car? look at that. it could be coming to a dealer near you in just a few years. it is kind of funny. >> smaller than a smart car. >> we will tell you all about it in a live report. i can tell you that would make parallel parking so much easier in the city. >> you can just pick that up and park it. also ahead, most of us would love to makeover our homes if we could afford it. money is tight, then we have help for you. whether it is your daughter's bedroom or maybe the mud room that's always a mess. some simple changes can make a big difference. also favorite days around here because you know when the crews start lining to dig in, they are here to whip up hearty winter time fare coming up. they will warm up any get-together you may have in store for you. >> speaking of warm things up chris cimino is here with a look at the weather. >> i can do it. mother nature. most of the country is finally seeing a change in the overall pattern. still cold through the eastern third of the country.
9:32 am
look at up towards sault ste. marie. 32 degrees. up to 40 in minneapolis. that's a veritable heat wave compared to where you have been. 50s and 60s over the south central plains by tomorrow. and little soggy over southern texas. that storm will be in play over the xwufl coast friday. west coast storm starts to move inland with the exception of pacific northwest. more rain across washington and snow showers across the north central rockies. that's a look at the >> good morning. the weather should be pretty quiet on this wednesday morning. cold, but nothing unusual for this time of year. upper 30's to low 40's this afternoon. snow f >> that's your weather. >> coming up next, decorating
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solutions for any room that won't cost you a fortune. we will show you how to do it right after this.
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this morning on "today's home expert advice" from your messy mud room to your daughter's pink bedroom. if you can't sleep at night thinking about the changes you would like to make, suzanna is here with tricks of the raid and has members of the i-village community that sent photos of their problem rooms. good morning. >> good morning. >> got a great response. let's get right to it. our first viewer needs major help with her master bedroom. she says my decorating seems to be a perpetual state of early-move-in sparse. combine that with our furniture, 99% comes from our parents. including the luggage and toolbox peeking out from under the bed. as well as the two hounds in repose on top of said bed. at least she's keeping somewhat of a sense of humor about p.
9:38 am
what should be done with this room? >> take back her bedroom to be a bedroom. and not catch-all for the dogs, luggage, inherited furniture. let's make it a wonderful place for the humans to repose for now. we have great -- >> the bed. >> her bed seems secondary. i thought inexpensive easy way is a fabulous headboard. make at this time focal point of the room. i love this from urban outfitters. it is not expensive. like a punctuation mark. investing in a really -- a quilt. i love this. this will go well with her warl wood. she has a country room. doesn't mean you have to have just white sheets. let's have fun. also, how else can you help balance the room? >> well, we talk a lot about lamps unsung heroes in a room. people -- ones she has are very diminutive. i thought this one from west elm
9:39 am
doesn't take up a lot of visual space. get two. again, balance out your room. i love this quilt, by the way, from martha stewart, macy's. adding color and dimension to the room. this home goods bureau, get rid of some antiques. put in your own style, your own pieces to kind of unify the space. >> hard to sometimes get rid of furniture that is passed down. >> because it starts to feel like an antique store. >> exactly. >> i got these from urban outfitters. put a bunch on the ground. have your dog sleep in style. >> get them off the bed. >> get them off the bed. >> another viewer sent thus. a common problem this time of year for a lot of people, the mud room. she says that my mud room is a disast disaster. kids sports equipment and winter gear has taken over and seems impossible to keep it organized. i need this area to look more like a foyer when my guests arrive. please help. i have this problem, too. i have coats, gloves, you name it, everywhere. >> even if have you a form allen trance you notice your guests
9:40 am
still go in the mud room. besides organization, i think that you can make it more formal and special for those times. and i thought instead of just having a doormat get a rug. i love this one from pier 1. it is cozy, durable. it looks great. put that down. why just have a blah mat when you can make it more special. we love to look at ourselves when we come in. this one from jcpenney. it has a great moroccan feel and will bring style amidst to your coats and mittens and hats. >> storage solutions for all of that, too. >> yes. >> which she has. adding in formal touches. my genius idea, you thought, these sconce. at night, lower the lights a little bit and no one can see the clutter. light the candles and create a mood. exactly. >> okay. next is -- >> another problem dilemma from a viewer that helps for help with a 14-year-old daughter's
9:41 am
room. she likes pink walls but i'm afraid we haven't invested much in any other decor for her and all the colors seem to clash. any help would be appreciated. we take a look at the very pink room there with green carpet. what do you say? >> let's nix the green carpet. i love the pink walls. make it more sophisticated and let the room endure tall way past college. start with a rug. i love this one from home goods. it is whimsical and girly. sophisticated and will look beautiful next to her pink walls. she has a lot going on her walls, by the way. i thought that i love these prints from because they really will give a sense of sophistication. >> what about this great organization tool? >> cindy crawford's line for jcpenn jcpenney. look how beautifully it stores stuff without being -- it is elegant. >> the quilt. >> get something sophisticated. love the gray. >> whole idea is to let them
9:42 am
grow into it. >> give them style. they deserve it. lamp from anthropology. whimsical feminine touches that don't take themselves too seriously. bring it together and it will look great. >> thanks and great advice. thanks to the viewers that wrote in to us with their questions. more great decorating ideas, head to our website, and village the i-village community. if you have $2,500 get revved up because you have enough to buy a brand-new car. we are going to show you what could be rolling into a dealer near you right after this.
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a point-sized car is causing a huge stir because of its price tag. $2,500. the nano is not available in the u.s. yet but it might be soon. cnbc's phil lebeau is in detroit to give us a look. good morning. when might we see the nano in the united states? >> reporter: i think we could see this car here perhaps in three or four years. the reason that it is getting so much attention is the price tag. $2,500. they call it the least expensive mass market car in the world. this one actually -- see the indian license plate. that's because they shipped it
9:47 am
over here from india. it arrived yesterday. we were the first ones to have a chance to drive this car. when we took it for a little test drive here in the industrial complex, impressed by the pep in the car and impressed by the handling. you are not sitting in the lap of luxury. they did not build this as a mass market car for those that are looking for luxury. the idea is india was to get families who are riding around on mopeds off the mopeds and into a car. it is a small car. it does the job. $2,500 is the price tag in india. odds are that if this is sold in the united states, once they bring it up to safety and emissions standards as well as to be fit ask finished standards american car buyers have come to expect, they might have to boost the price tag a couple of thousand dollars. there's no doubt in this day and age where people are looking for an inexpensive ride, this is a car that gets a lot of attention. it gets 50 miles to the gallon.
9:48 am
city driving. 70 on the highway. numbers like that get a lot of attention. it is a koolgtsz cute little car. is it something you would pile the whole family on and go on a two-week vacation, no. for zipping around town, it is very cool. >> yeah. manhattan, i was just mentioning. i get totally parallel park that car. phil lebeau, thanks so much. coming up next, the scottos are in the kitchen with winter recipes.
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9:50 am
this morning in today's kitchen, a family of chefs. they are here with stomach warming recipes. always stirring up the pot, they are. mayor write, john, anthony, and
9:51 am
elena. fresco by scottos. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing? >> wonderful. >> we are starting out with pasta. tell us how we start with this. >> you know, when we do this recipe, you have two choices. you can do a canned bean. you don't need a lot of time to do the dried. the dried, i'm going to show you real fast. you soak it in water overnight. and then the next day you boil it. >> okay. >> for an hour and a half. and you strain it. >> does it taste any different? >> you know, some people say the dry bean is tastier. >> more work. >> for me and you, the canned bean is the best. i also want to say to you that this bean is very important to us. >> okay. >> on my son's birthday, his favorite dish was pasta figoli.
9:52 am
our bean dip is done with a cannalini bean. >> i have found and i'm adding carroting with the onions. prosciutto. sorry about that. sorry about that. prosciutto. i'm actually going to let it cook for a few minutes. >> all right. >> okay. >> then i will add tomatoes. >> fresh tomatoe canned tomatoes? >> fresh. let that cook for 20 minutes. after that, let it simmer down. i'm then going to add the beans my mom made. the good part about the beans, excellent source of fiber. good iron. low in calories. >> you know what they subway
9:53 am
beans. >> lot of gas here. let that cook another 15, 20 minutes. then add the pasta. let it cook for about two minutes. and add the cheese. that's amore. >> you are smoking. you are smoking, as always. >> we a . >> we are let thing get nice and brown in the pan and start with what we need to do after that. >> nice caramelized crust. >>er with drying fruits. i add a little sherry to this and let it sit for two, three hou hours. it can be white wine. add onions. we will let this brown a second. you need a little bit of red wine. >> my favorite part. >> you will get the bottom just a little bit to get it going. >> okay. >> i'm going to add tomatoes. >> again, fresh tomatoes.
9:54 am
>> i love honey. the acidity of the tomatoes, sweet. >> wow. >> then we are going to add -- amazing. >> we are going to add all the dried fruits. this is going to -- >> wonderful. >> 350 degrees, 2 1/2 hours, done. >> beautiful. it looks like this. to our gorgeous elaine. >> thank you. sicillian chocolate pudding. what makes this chocolate pudding unique is we use this chocolate. if you can't you can do modica, italian. both have a hint of cinnamon in it. just a handful of it. i melted the chocolate with some milk. here i'm going to dissolve the cornstarch with milk. we heat it up. once that's done we combine the two. if you want to put in a mold you spray a little water. just so it doesn't stick to the
9:55 am
pan. you chill it in the refrigerator. now, this is the big question. if you like the skin on chocolate pudding -- >> i do. >> put it over the top. if you don't, right on top of the chocolate pudding. this is what it looks like. we have whipped cream. we added some pistachios on top. >> thank >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here's a look at one of our top stories. balancing the budget seems to be the top priority for the 2010 legislative session that begins at noon today. gov. martin o'malley says that an increase in school tuition is likely, although he has not said by how much. a 10-cent-per-drink alcohol tax is being considered, as well as
9:56 am
a bill that would eliminate the possibility of sex offenders being released before the sentencing is over on "good time credits." is the last session before the fall session where the e
9:57 am
>> welcome back. the weather should be pretty quiet but a chance for a couple of snow flurries, if you are watching in the northern
9:58 am
suburbs. for most of us, just a mixture of sunshine and clouds. high temperatures in the upper 30's and low 40's. warmer over the next few days. maybe near 50 on friday. maybe near 50 on friday.
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